Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fast Food

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It sucks.

people take their frustrations out on these poorly paid workers.   I went up there be fore they closed, Lee's Chicken.   And hit the drive thru, two people behind are angry and yelling at the people because they ran out of chickens wings, about thirty minutes before they closed.   Like really?  get a drumstick or thigh or breast or something.  But some bitch wanna say she some kind of mystery shopper or something and she's going to report them for this.  Really?  the bitch is some kind of realtor.  Speeding foolishly through the drive thru. She could kill someone with her vehicle. What's up with people and the chicken wings?  those little fuckers don't have any meat on them!!

Another guy gets out of the drive through because they ran out of a chicken pop pie.  Really?   A chicken pop pie?   Get something else.  LOL.

We treat our service workers like shit, than they have to treat someone like shit and the shit goes on and on.  Until we are all very miserable.

It's best to be as kind a you can to everyone you interact with.

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