Monday, February 22, 2016

It's Getting to The Point

Stone_Ranch_Stage_Station_2.jpg (3690×1380)

Where i think people do not want to

leave the house anymore

I don't blame them,  I maybe one of those people

too many things can happen,

too many things could go wrong?

i guess we should think about what should go right

But that is HARD

I mean dealing with all the bad drivers and

and just about everyone is a bad driver, myself included

the only good time to drive is when you have the roads

to yourself

I'm was thinking about going to a bar or something,

but it seems like too much trouble,

a hassle,

the coolest bars people like to smoke

cigarette smoke aggravate my allergies

there's bad parking, then when to get to where you

want to go, chances are you won't have a good time,

you'll just be mildly bored,  hopefully the self driving

cars are coming soon,

well until then there is Periscope,  YouTube and of course

Face Book

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