Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Collective Conscious

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Whatever people want

what people desire enough comes into fruition

some genius will create it

all the masses desires and ambitions collected into those folks

I'm thinking of Face book,  Amazon, Uber

and now Periscope,

oh, did I forget YouTube, Twitter, LOL.

Periscope seems the way to go though

people are able to broadcast from all over the world

I was watching people have dinner at the 40 40 club in NYC

I have never been to NYC, and the shit seemed intimate,

not like a fuckin television show, but upfront and REAL

then I watched a broadcast from a casino in Las Vegas

I have never been to Las Vegas, and that was crazy to me

We are moving slowly towards teleportation

wouldn't that be grand?

No more cars or plains that crash

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