Saturday, February 6, 2016

Zero Friends

New_Time_Zone-Still_No_Friends_(5656303960).jpg (5184×3456)

I don't have them

I don't even know if I need them or want them

the world says I should have them though

and maybe they are right

I just don't relate to most people though

My brain is wired differently

My thoughts, aspirations are not the same as theirs

and there is the TIME issue

nobody ever seems to have enough of it

and I one of those people

friends usually need things

service, money, companionship

I've known people for years and

don't consider them friends

it's sad if you actually want friends and don't have them

you should have them

it's strange isn't?

how you don't feel like you belong to this world

how everyone finds their place in it and adapt

as if they were the right fit in a puzzle of God

I can't relate to that

and they can not relate to me.

I am an alien living among human beings

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