Saturday, March 19, 2016

Artificial Intelligence

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The robots will not come from the sea,

as all LIFE has come from the sea,

they will not know what struggle is (that is a good thing)

people take too much pride in their struggles, it will never make them happy

they will not have the half mammal, half reptile mind

seek to kill, fight to kill, struggle, struggle, struggle, pain, pain pain

murder, murder, compete compete

hopefully this will make them kinder than us

they will not have our souls,

they have not seen the famines, the diseases, wars and natural disasters

they will able to write this poem better than me,  make music better than your favorite composer, or producer

they will know things we do not know,  see things that we can not

they are not made of blood and bone

so i doubt they will have any sort of blood lust

and thank goodness for that

Maybe us humans good be more like these beings

it is not about being human, but somehow

unbecoming one

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