Sunday, April 24, 2016

Apex Predator

Peregrine_Falcon_La_CaƱada.jpg (1938×1938)

Shit, fuck a lion

it's the falcons, eagles and owls I look up too

they are so high up in the air,

nothing can hunt them, except Man if he wants

but people admire the lions for their predatory skills

I do to,

but old lions die so hard,

the younger one's take them out on the ground

as they grow grey,

and that is so sad for me

eagles, and hawks and owls die a lone

they hunt a lone, they only get to together to mate

and that seems about right to me

a strange idea coming from a human being.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

No meaning

Amtrak_route_between_Vancouver_and_Seattle.jpg (2032×1520)

Life doesn't have to have a meaning for me

most people search for meaning, and purpose

for me life is fine as it is,

I don't need a higher purpose, or a lofty to goal

when i step outside i see great meaning all around me

I don't need to suffer to find meaning

I'm never thinking of the struggle or some test

there is meaning all around,

I do struggle with senselessness though

the fact that TIME is being wasting upon me

or I'm wasting it for a dollar bill,

BUT can I do?

what can anyone do?


Monday, April 18, 2016

The Clash

Ying_yang_2013-06-02_09-45.jpg (438×535)

Dog against cat

cat against mouse

order against chaos

man against women

man against man

mammal against insect

person against the universe

youth versus aging

life against death

the sunny day against the overcast clouds

work against leisure

things fight and clash greatly against each other

things that can be perceived and those that can not

through the our senses

no good or evil

the uptight against the loose

the clash light, material, sound and shapes

motion and physics of the thing

the chemistry of life

energy not being killed only changing it's form

existence and non existence

I know that life exists, but does death exists?

Social Media

Facebooksunnies.JPG (1374×317)

There is a desire to be

somewhere else,

as we get on our phones, or there is a desire to be

many places at once, to want too many things at one time

but your body can only be in one place,

and we are so limited in that way

we can pick between thousands of roads in the fork,

but we can only pick one road, and we usually don't

like the road that we picked.

we picked the wrong road!!!

our time is Finite on this earth, or that is the perception

so we feel as if we are missing out on something

and maybe we are,

or maybe we don't

i don't preach anything

and nothing can control desires and ambitions

for long

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Hurricane_andrew_fema_2563.jpg (2940×1952)

It's coming for you,

fear, fear, fear

the worst you expect, it always there,

even when you are having a good time

it is always

whats going to happen next,  I try to live

but living while working is damned near impossible

have you tried it?

well there is that fear of missing out, always missing out

we worry about, cancer, HIV and all things, autoimmune disorders

it's crazy the life, the dirty game that is played

fear and anxiety

don't ask about drugs and the addicted

it's there as we fear are final breath,

well most of us anyway.

The Box

MOVINGBOX.JPG (2592×1944)

Is the place you are in

I feel like i am in the box,

the more people in the box, the greater the suffocation,

Saturday night and the police officers all around

for the working class,  and all week their lives have been closed
in up somewhere

I read a sign on the highway that says,  Buzzed Driving is The Same Thing as Drunk Driving

Like really?

There's a huge difference between being drunk and being sober

Well it seems like they should close the bars down, even though liquor is legal
if they are going to give out DUI'S

remember the prohibition?  and how well that worked?

our modern world turns people into addicts of anything

well most people lives are terribly dull and boring

and that makes me very sad

and makes for a sad poem

like this one