Sunday, April 24, 2016

Apex Predator

Peregrine_Falcon_La_CaƱada.jpg (1938×1938)

Shit, fuck a lion

it's the falcons, eagles and owls I look up too

they are so high up in the air,

nothing can hunt them, except Man if he wants

but people admire the lions for their predatory skills

I do to,

but old lions die so hard,

the younger one's take them out on the ground

as they grow grey,

and that is so sad for me

eagles, and hawks and owls die a lone

they hunt a lone, they only get to together to mate

and that seems about right to me

a strange idea coming from a human being.

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  1. Please attribute the picture of a peregrine falcon to its author, Juan Lacruz, according to its creative commons license.