Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Box

MOVINGBOX.JPG (2592×1944)

Is the place you are in

I feel like i am in the box,

the more people in the box, the greater the suffocation,

Saturday night and the police officers all around

for the working class,  and all week their lives have been closed
in up somewhere

I read a sign on the highway that says,  Buzzed Driving is The Same Thing as Drunk Driving

Like really?

There's a huge difference between being drunk and being sober

Well it seems like they should close the bars down, even though liquor is legal
if they are going to give out DUI'S

remember the prohibition?  and how well that worked?

our modern world turns people into addicts of anything

well most people lives are terribly dull and boring

and that makes me very sad

and makes for a sad poem

like this one

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