Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A thousand Heart Breaks

Broken_Heart.jpg (1024×768)

all the disappoints

all the heartbreaks

what's one more?

you become used to it

part of protocol

it still stings

the tiny rejections

like a yellow jacket

stinging your eyeball

you get used to it

it's hard to function

you feel it

you shouldn't feel it

people don't get what they want

life is hard

You should know that

why should i be disappointed by some

heart break?

it should be expected

as usual

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Sunset_on_Es_Vedra_in_Ibiza_island_(26541728985).jpg (5712×3808)

Ever desire quenched

imagine not having to worry about bills

imagine an endless supply of wealth

imagine having perfect health

imagine being able to travel anywhere

imagine having mostly everything easy

to live the soft life

imagine not having to work again

imagine every form of amusement at your hands

imagine never getting frustrated again

imagine endless beauty

imagine youth and never getting old

imagine the easy way,

chances are you already have it hard

and some have it more difficult than most,

I guess,

that was a dream, and those

rarely come true, of course