Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Oktoberfest_2011_drunken_man_man_glaubt_es_kaum_huegel.JPG (2106×1277)

They follow me

they become my friends in bars

the tell me things: the drunks, and druggies

I don't learn anything from the sober people

they are afraid to reveal themselves to the world

I find them boring

the drunks let their soul speak

no filter:  you see and hear a REAL person

and not facade or shell of a human being

Too Civilized

Restaurant_(2).jpg (3619×2421)

Haven't been a fight in years

go to work mostly every day

I say thank you and please

and a lot of time I feel too civilized

as I type this out using Starbucks wifi

on my chrome book in the First World

I look out a window and see two kids who look homeless

and my feet are sore from work,

I listen to John Green talk about wars through out history

and the Industrial Revolution

and think do I have it too good?

a crazy thought, right?

nobody has it too good?

we all suffer right?

I need to do some hard work with my

hands and get calluses and bruises

lift more weights, some of the kids around me

are looking waaay to strong (they can take me).

Maybe, I should find someone that will make me suffer


Sunday, June 26, 2016


Chaos_(6930838882).jpg (1920×1301)

Most of the time,

I feel as if I am falling apart

and perhaps i'm always falling apart:

late, for things, money rumpled up in my pockets

rushing to get somewhere

never organized, never organized

my old friend chaos rains down on me

getting everything wrong, everything wrong

hard to pay attention to what is deemed consequential 

anxiety my dear lover, and fear is her best friend

always leading down a hot road, which ends 

too soon

I gotta get some things right

I'm at war with the tribe, I do not wanna be at

war with the tribe

I always found rebels to be pretentious,

though it seems like I am one nonetheless 

trapped of course

Saturday, June 11, 2016

100 Degrees

One_Hour_Before_Dinner-_Waiting_To_Get_Hot_Water_for_Dish_Washing_Art.IWMART17058.jpg (800×545)

It's terrible

and people pretend to like the

summer,  I hate that shit

driving in a high mileage car,

can't run the air conditioning constantly

and people are waaay meaner

living in St. Louis with it's high murder rate

you don't do much out, and are drenched in sweat

and people say they like this weather


how come so many people run their air conditioner

on this bright sunny day?

if they loooove this weather?

Friday, June 10, 2016


PRT_beautifies_Afghan_girl's_school_DVIDS289121.jpg (3184×2120)

reality sucks

as you know

and I write about it

how much it sucks

but i love fantasy

but i can't write about fantasy

or even read it

it won't help me understand this strange

and confusing world

but i love the fantasy the dream of getting

what you want

reality is: toiling the way at some monotonous job

I think of of auto mechanic mowing his lawn after work

then going inside and watching some great television!

how terrible and awful is that?

and that is reality my friend

not remotely living

Friday, June 3, 2016


Photo_of_two_business_partners.jpeg (960×717)

It's been all about


all about religion

mostly trade

people had to earn a living didn't they?

so they went to faraway places

and gathered the natural resources:

spices, gold, silver, etc

and people worked hard for these things

that they did not rich off of themselves

and people became rich,

though not as rich as a lot of working folk

who are alive right now

but, then our rich are incredibly rich
I can not imagine

well people gathered riches through industry,
and slavery, and war

and I can not help but to think of a simple drug deal,

or exchange between car salesperson and a buyer

the world working at it's best or worst

you decide