Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Futurists

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I admire the futurists,

I am a futurist,  I believe

HUMANITY is so terribly behind

I have a hard time living in the moment

this moment, always looking towards

a nebulous future,  I am strangely optimistic,

even though people say I am such a damned pessimist,

seeing the fucked up side of everything,

superstitions and traditions hold us dearly back

But i believe in the future and guys like Elon Musk,

and the robots who will be able to do everything better than human  beings

will they destroy the world?  why so pessimistic?

I've seen the The Terminator,

but the machines are not made of blood and bone

they won't have our lusts and fears and foolish ambitions

bring self driving cars,  these assholes can't drive anyway

and if the robots will be, are somehow able to be creative?

they will see and hear things that we can't see and hear at all

their Art will be superior,

yet not of blood and bone

I write in blood and bone

but, who needs this anyway?

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