Saturday, September 10, 2016

Without Money

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They say money isn't happiness,

and maybe they are right, most of the time,

well I was getting harassed by the cops this night.
for a situation that did not even involve me.

they saw a small open container and went at me

You would have thought I was fucking El Chapo,

several cops blinding me, yet i am strangely calm for a coward.

they give me their fucking field tests, and I pass those motherfuckers. I'm not drunk after a shot of wine, can you be serious?

the head cop won't let me drive my car for the night.

I try Uber that don't work, but the taxi came, and I'm  off to a local motel, wasting 50 dollars and the cab fare.

I left my driver's license in my car, which i can not drive to morning.  Fucked up.

cab dude comes i get my license, and they let me rent the room.

fucked up about my situation, but not that bad off

because while I was waiting for the cab i was sitting outside and see this Mexican guy sitting on the side of the building.

He couldn't even afford a 50 dollar room, sleeping outside.

and think why do such things as homelessness have to happen? when there are plenty of rooms, yet not enough money for a lot I guess.

well anyway, I have a hard time going to sleep. That night.

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